Friday, July 20, 2012

Collaborative Learning - A New Era in Education

In a day and age when technology has taken over our lives to the extent that we are surrounded by it all around us, it's little wonder then that this field has made remarkable contributions in the education sector as well, be it in school education or higher education. Gone are the days when teaching meant entering a classroom and talking non-stop for an hour to a group of disinterested and drowsy students. Instead, with the rapid changes that have been implemented in various schools and institutes, teachers and students are both being encouraged to be more interactive in their approach towards learning.

There are many tools available when it comes to collaborative learning. It is common knowledge that information and education that is learnt with the help of audio-visual aids is usually better retained. Thus, there are many tools available including e-learning and e-classroom sessions. With the boom of the Internet, many e-learning portals sprung up and started providing information on various topics. Some of them were integrated so that this information ended up being relevant study material.

There are many portals available today that can help you with gaining information that you need. In fact, many schools employ the method of integrating their teaching methods and e-learning tools so as to effectively teach any lesson in class. Various schools are supportive of this and have not only equipped their campus with high speed internet but also encourage students to use this medium as much as possible. This not only increases their horizons but also aids them in getting acquainted with doing research so as to be thorough with any topic.

The well known adage 'Two heads are better than one' has never been truer. In today's times, merely rote learning from textbooks will not get anyone anywhere in life. With the high level of competition in every field, it is best to use tools like collaborative learning so that you not only become thorough in your field but also develop an edge over your counterparts. There are various well known collaborative learning portals wherein people can even interact in real time and gain and exchange information and study material. With such extensive options available at the mere click of a button, anyone not making use of it is surely missing out on an excellent opportunity to gain and exchange information that will broaden his knowledge in every sense of the word.

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